/ Advisor Service for New-built

The Customer, through the activities of P.R. marketing will be in contact with JUPITAIR Yachting team with the aim of identifying a shipyard that can build his yacht.

JUPITAIR Yachting, thanks to the combined thirty-year experience in naval construction of mega-yachts, is able to accomplish the following steps on behalf of the Customer:

  • Technical specifications.
  • General plans.
  • List of suppliers.
  • Interiors renderings with specialised designers.
  • Shipyard selection based on geographical location, budget, guarantees, experience, characteristics of the structure, etc.
  • Legal assistance during the negotiation and drafting of the construction contract.
  • Surveillance and surveying during the construction of the yacht until final delivery.
  • Second hand sale or prompt delivery.

/ Second-hand Sale and Purchase

  1. The Customer, through the activities of P.R. and marketing will come into contact with the JUPITAIR Yachting team with the aim of buying a boat available on the second hand market or in advanced construction or prompt delivery.
    Following the initial meeting with the Buyer, JUPITAIR Yachting team will proceed to scan the suitable yacht among those available in our database or among the owners in direct relationship.
    In the event that this research does not give positive results, the research will be extended to the brokers of our network.
  2. Thanks to the activities of P.R. and marketing and to the work developed into the marinas, the JUPITAIR Yachting team will have at its disposal a database of boats for sale exclusively or with a direct sales mandate from the Owner. Any selected yachts will be inspected and checked by trusted technicians thanks to which the management will draw up a detailed technical specification and commercial / legal due diligence.
    Subsequently we will carefully study the database of our direct customers to verify that there is a potential direct buyer. Once this phase has been completed, the yacht will be placed on the market through an appropriate distribution on specialised internet platforms, through the newsletter of the JUPITAIR Yachting corporate website, through information to brokers belonging to our network.

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